About the books Moa and Linus

Meet Moa and Linus, two happy and active teenagers. They both have Down syndrome.

All ten books are written by Swedish author Ann Gomér and illustrated by Swedish artist Cecilia Höglund. They were among the first books ever in Sweden written about teenagers with disabilities without focusing on the disabilities itself. The focus is instead on how to enjoy life and how to find new friends and hobbies. The books also has Swedish sign language for people with speach difficulties. Because of that the first ten books have spiral binding so it will be easy to lay the book down and use both hands for signs.

At the end of 2018 five new books about Moa and Linus will be released! These books will be handling a bit more serious issues like dealing with depression, how to become friends again after a big fight and how to handle feelings like jealousy and anger. One of the books will be about grief due to the loss of a classmate, unfortunately something lots of children with disabilities have to deal with.   

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To be in a play and act is so much fun. But it's also hard sometimes. What happens if you are on stage and forget your line? One night Linus is about to find out!
Linus and Moa goes bowling every week. They really enjoy it. Even when the ball lands in the channel! Last week Linus won over Moa. Will Moa win this week?

Linus enjoys to go to watch soccer games. Today Linus is going to see his favourite soccerteam play. He is so exited! Will his lucky T-shirt help them to win?

Linus likes horses. But he is a bit scared of them as well. They are so big, he says! Now he has decided to try to ride a horse.Will he dare?

Linus loves to be on stage and sing. Every Friday night he and Moa goes to the recreation center to sing karaoke. Linus dresses up and he's ready to rock!

Moa is going to a dance on Friday. She is hoping for Linus to come too. She just loves to dance with him. But first Moa and her mother are going to buy Moa a new dress!

Moa is going to a camp with her school. And she is going to stay over night. She is very excited. She has never been to a camp before, will she enjoy it?

Moa and Linus are going to the movies. Moa is secretly in love with Linus. But she doesn't know if he feels the same way about her. Tonight she might find out!  

It's December and Moa is writing a wish list to Santa. Most of all she wants a dog. Moa really loves dogs. But will she ever get one?

Moa has got a lot of friends at school. But she doesn't have any friends where she lives. One day she meets Jenny when she is walking a dog. Will they become friends?

The books about Moa and Linus are all very easy read. The illustrations are beautiful and colorful and the stories inspire to a varied, active and social life. All ten books are sixteen pages long with fantastic illustrations on every second page.

The book "Moa goes to camp" was selected as one of the 2015 IBBY Selection of Outstanding Books For Young People with Disabilities by IBBY International and Linus sings karaoke was nominated to the same prize two years after.


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